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Food Find: The Granola Bar of Westport

Those who know me well know that I’ve been a huge fan of The Granola Bar since before they opened their doors last December. Things have not changed and although it is impossible for me to have every meal there, I wish I could. Why? Because it is the food I want to eat paired with the best service around.

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Pro Profile: Andrew Kindt, Co-owner Achieve Fitness, Norwalk

I find myself surrounded by inspiring & super fit people on a daily basis and am always curious of their lifestyles.  In Fit CT’s first “Pro Profile” I asked Co-Owner of Achieve Fitness, Andrew Kindt, some personal questions… Read more

Workout of the Week: Boot Camp at Achieve Fitness, Norwalk


achieve 9Hidden in a former industrial park just across the Westport border is a gem of a gym.  You’d never know Achieve Fitness existed unless someone told you about it.  You can’t buy a membership, it is known only by word of mouth.  Achieve is a no frills, personal training and small group training facility.  Andrew Kindt, his wife Ashley, and business parter John Brace formed Achieve Fitness in 2007.  They currently have about 30 full and part time trainers working in their ‘secret laboratory’.  Their mission?  To help clients achieve their unique and individual goals, whatever they may be.

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Food Find: Best Quinoa Salad Ever

Fit CT is hereby giving you recipe perfection. Plain and simple. It’s vegan and free of gluten. It’s savory and sweet and nutty and crunchy and creamy and can be made well in advance and can sit out at room temperature for extended periods of time (perfect for beach picnics!). AND we swear this recipe will be the star of the show, it is beyond delicious. You will get asked to make this recipe time and time again. Promise.

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Need to Know: The Skinny on Spring (and Summer) Skincare

Now that we can officially say good bye to winter (we hope), most of us will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Our skin has been inside for the past 5 months, so what do we do to prepare it for the next few seasons? We asked local mom and Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Julie Cantatore Francis (, some questions: Read more

Workout of the Week: Alex at Title Boxing Club

title 1

I was a reluctant participant. For years I claimed that kickboxing wasn’t my thing. I attribute this to a bad experience at a class in NYC over 15 years ago that isn’t even worth elaborating upon. Fast forward to 2014. At the urging of my super fit friend I decided to give it another shot. The verdict? Addiction. Obsession.

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Workout of the Week: Amie at M3 Yoga, Westport


Yoga is something different to each of us. Some are advanced yogis who prefer hot, hard classes with inversions and handstand to chatarangas. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those who want some gentle stretching and toning and prefer a more meditative approach. Then there are those whose needs from yoga fall somewhere in the middle. It is rare, but not impossible, to find an instructor that is able to guide a class that pleases all levels. Fit CT was fortunate to have found Amie at M3 Yoga. Should you take a poll of her current students, they will confirm that she is that rare gem.

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Food Find: Trader Joe’s Soy Ginger Cod

Trader Joe's CodFit CT is always looking for a short cut when it comes to feeding the family. We want easy but don’t want to sacrifice nutrition. Trader Joe’s wild marinated soy ginger cod fillets are DELICIOUS and loaded with protein and are low in sugar. Simply thaw and bake (or microwave or pan fry) and you have dinner in 10 minutes. Stock your freezer with these fillets and pair with Trader Joe’s always dependable frozen haricot verts and you won’t ever be caught unprepared. Fit CT’s super high maintenance husband gave it two thumbs up and was surprised to find out it wasn’t homemade.