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Workout of the Week: Alex at Title Boxing Club

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I was a reluctant participant. For years I claimed that kickboxing wasn’t my thing. I attribute this to a bad experience at a class in NYC over 15 years ago that isn’t even worth elaborating upon. Fast forward to 2014. At the urging of my super fit friend I decided to give it another shot. The verdict? Addiction. Obsession.

Run, don’t walk, to Alex’s kickboxing class at Title in Norwalk (next door to Tumble Jungle). Don’t be intimidated by the uber fit Ivan Drago-esque Russian that teaches Fit CT’s favorite class… He’s just there to give you the total body, one hour workout that you want (and he’s actually quite likable when he’s not kicking your ass). Arrive at least 10 minutes early to get your wrists wrapped by the staff and borrow a pair of gloves for your first class. Once inside you’ll be surrounded by both newbies and long time Alex fans (one woman has been his groupie for 8 years). Don’t be shy, nobody is watching you other than Alex who will help you with your form. The class starts off with a 15 minute warmup (includes burpees and jump squats!), followed by 30 minutes of bag punching and kicking intervals. Alex breaks the segments down into ‘punches and kicks’ in varying sequences and adds on so everyone can follow along. Take your gloves off for the final 15 minutes because it is all about pushups and creating killer abs. The first class is free and we guarantee you’ll be back for more. Cardio, strength and stretch, all in one hour that seems to pass at the blink of an eye. Bonus? You may just be able to cancel your therapist appointment. 🙂

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Why do we love it? Class is never the same and it is certain he will challenge you to give 110%.

Alex currently teaches on Friday at 9:45am and Sunday at 1pm (we plan to cry and beg for more)

For pricing and more information visit:

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