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Workout of the Week: Amie at M3 Yoga, Westport


Yoga is something different to each of us. Some are advanced yogis who prefer hot, hard classes with inversions and handstand to chatarangas. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those who want some gentle stretching and toning and prefer a more meditative approach. Then there are those whose needs from yoga fall somewhere in the middle. It is rare, but not impossible, to find an instructor that is able to guide a class that pleases all levels. Fit CT was fortunate to have found Amie at M3 Yoga. Should you take a poll of her current students, they will confirm that she is that rare gem.

Amie is serious about yoga but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She makes everyone feel comfortable in her class, no matter what their abilities. She starts off her classes by taking requests. ”Is there anything special you want to work on today?” ”Hips” seems to be a popular answer. So she makes sure she incorporates requests. After a short but enlightening quote we are up and moving. Today Amie moved us at record pace and on this cold, spring day we were sweating in no time. In addition to the swift vinyasa, she made sure we did plenty of balancing and isometric holding as well. This is a class that pleases all levels. Inversions and handstands for the more advanced? Go right ahead. Amie makes you feel welcomed no matter what your yoga abilities are but we can safely assume that everyone leaves feeling confident, challenged and rejuvenated, all at the same time. amie 2


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