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Workout of the Week: Boot Camp at Achieve Fitness, Norwalk


achieve 9Hidden in a former industrial park just across the Westport border is a gem of a gym.  You’d never know Achieve Fitness existed unless someone told you about it.  You can’t buy a membership, it is known only by word of mouth.  Achieve is a no frills, personal training and small group training facility.  Andrew Kindt, his wife Ashley, and business parter John Brace formed Achieve Fitness in 2007.  They currently have about 30 full and part time trainers working in their ‘secret laboratory’.  Their mission?  To help clients achieve their unique and individual goals, whatever they may be.

Andrew’s clients include personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, Westport moms, NYC commuters, college athletes, grandparents and everyone in between.  While his clients are varied, they all have one thing in common.  They are dedicated, ready to work and trust Andrew completely.

What makes Andrew different from other trainers?  You’ll never ever do the same workout twice.  He’s training philosophy is all about muscle confusion and functional training.  One day he may have you doing lateral frog hop burpee combinations on an incline, the next minute he’ll have you pulling him on a sled or sprinting uphill after pulling a monster truck tire.  In another session he may use kettle bells, TRX and more plyometrics to get the heart rate up.  He thinks outside the box and is constantly dreaming up new methods of torture (but in a good way).  Do NOT be intimidated, Andrew is quick to learn your level of physical fitness and will challenge you accordingly.

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Andrew provides one on one training and has 8 small group classes Monday-Friday at either 9 or 10am.

Why do we love Achieve and Andrew?  Because he’s creative, innovative and knows how to challenge individuals.  In a matter of weeks you’re able to see results.  You will be stronger, fitter and happier.  You will always feel completely satisfied at the conclusion of your session, knowing you got the best workout for you.

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