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Pro Profile: Andrew Kindt, Co-owner Achieve Fitness, Norwalk

I find myself surrounded by inspiring & super fit people on a daily basis and am always curious of their lifestyles.  In Fit CT’s first “Pro Profile” I asked Co-Owner of Achieve Fitness, Andrew Kindt, some personal questions…

What is your favorite post-workout snack?

A: Something with fast sugar absorption to replenish muscle glycogen. Like some fruit or fruit juice, then a few minutes later a form of protein like a dairy/soy free protein shake or lean meat.

Your greatest indulgence?

A: Ribs, wings or pizza. Mmmm

Favorite line of workout wear?

A: Right now it’s Rhone Apparel, similar to Lululemon but made only for men.

achieve 6


Where can we find you on a Saturday night?

A: Either on my patio drinking a nice Anejo Tequila neat or hanging out with friends drinking an Anejo tequila neat. 😉

Are you following a Paleo Diet or are you “gluten free”?

A: My son is gluten free so I would say I’m 85% gluten free. But for the most part I enjoy a wide variety of foods being smart about it.

What is your philosophy on healthy eating?

A: Limit gluten and dairy intake, don’t obsess, eat a variety of healthy foods, find the right eating lifestyle for you, not a fad diet. Your body needs variety and vices.

What is your favorite summer activity in Fairfield County?

A: Out kayaking in the Sound, taking the kids to the beach, chill in on my back at home as I chase clients around all week.

Favorite vacation spot? St. Marten

What do YOU do to stay Fit in CT? Strictly weights, balance and functional training. No “cardio”. I do my sets with no rest in between therefore I get my cardio when I train. Always changing my workouts so my body and strength keeps getting better and never gets used to anything. If you were teaching your child to read, would you always read the same book?

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