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Workout of the Week: Indoor Cycling at JoyRide Studios, Darien & Westport

I still remember the first time I walked into JoyRide in Westport.  It was July, 2013 and I had just moved to Westport the week before.  I was eager to get out of the house and back into a workout routine.  I had signed up for Mo’s JoyCircuit class and had absolutely no idea what to expect.


JoyRide, Westport

I remember distinctly that Mo had us moving like crazy but I would be lying if I said I remembered exactly what we did.  What I do remember though was that there was so much positive energy in the room.  The instructors, the participants, everyone was happy and having a great time working out.  I felt welcomed in this new place and I also felt challenged and I wanted more.  I immediately signed up for a Tabata Indoor Cycling class the next day.  That’s how my love for JoyRide began.

What makes JoyRide unique?  In my opinion it is the instructors.  We want to be surrounded by people that lift us up, that inspire us to be better people, that exude positivity and challenge us to give 110%.  Each and every one of these JoyRide instructors does that in their own personal way.  I have never met a group of fitness instructors that have such amazing energy and enthusiasm for life and for what they do.  No matter what your level of physical fitness is, you will leave JoyRide feeling accomplished, happy, soaked with sweat and ready to conquer the day or week ahead .  🙂

A typical cycling class lasts anywhere from 50-75 minutes.  Instructors take you up and down hills, through speed workouts, in and out of the saddle and sometimes through Tabata intervals.  Each class includes approximately 5 minutes of upper body toning accomplished with either a 2 or 4 pound body bar (while on bicycle).  The high repetitions and low weights will leave your shoulders, biceps and triceps burning.

JRGroup 9

Photo courtesy of JoyRide Studios

JoyRide frequently declares theme rides (think 80’s, Classic rock re-mix, U2 vs. Police, Punk Rock Ride) and holds indoor cycling classes to live music and DJs.  When not taking one of these ‘special’ classes, the music is diverse and pleases everyone.  I  have never heard of anyone complaining of music (unless it is too loud – earplugs available at front desk!)  These instructors take their playlists seriously.

It is important to know that JoyRide is more than just an indoor cycling studio.  There are many classes taught off the bike to complement cycling.  There is something for everyone: JoyCircuit classes (think burpees, jump squats, pushups), JoyGroove (I have heard rave reviews but have yet to experience it for myself – stay tuned for a write up) and Figure Method (a non-impact yoga, Pilates-esque barre class).  New classes and additions are frequent so be sure to check out their schedule online.

The super friendly front desk crew and Co-Owner Rhodie Lorenz with her son.

The super friendly front desk crew and Co-Owner Rhodie Lorenz with her son.

Why do I love JoyRide?  Because I crave a great workout and I know I will challenge myself.  I love joining a pack of 40+ other riders in a dark room where I can leave everything else behind and focus on me for an hour.

I recommend starting  your day with JoyRide as it will put you the best possible frame of mind at the beginning of the day.  Not possible?  Fit it in whenever you can.  You’re welcome.  🙂


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