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Pro Profile: Rhodie Lorenz, JoyRide Cycling Studio, Darien & Westport

rhodie joyride

Rhodie Lorenz, photo by Josh Chapman

Earlier this week I published a blog post on JoyRide Cycling Studios and while writing I became intrigued by co-owner and head instructor, Rhodie Lorenz.  Prior to this interview I knew little about her other than the fact that she consistently packs every single class she teaches.  I’ve been lucky enough to snag a bike in a few of her classes and I can tell you that she is motivating, enthusiastic, always plays great music.  It is easy to forget that you are also getting a stellar workout.

What is her secret to success?  I wanted a look into the life of Rhodie for clues as to how this entrepreneur and instructor extraordinaire is so successful in everything she does…

Together with co-founders Amy Hochhauser and Debbie Katz, Rhodie Lorenz opened JoyRide Westport in June 2011 (Happy 3rd anniversary ladies!).  Rhodie had been teaching fitness in gyms and studios for over a decade.  While she always loved teaching, she came to a point professionally where she wanted a greater intellectual challenge and more creative control over the style of classes offered.  She wanted the exercise experience to be consistently positive and highly specialized.

I asked Rhodie what her secret was to producing amazing instructors who accomplish her mission of allowing customers a consistent high quality, fun and challenging classes?  Her answer:  She has written a detailed manual on JoyRide Cycling Instruction and all JoyRide instructors must go through their training prior to teaching classes at JoyRide. (I think Rhodie is too modest to say, but I would speculate that JoyRide attracts top instructors!)

Rhodie, photo by Chrissy Racho

What is a typical “day in the life of Rhodie”?  

6am wake up and make breakfast, pack lunches, feed dog, pack gym bag.

8:15 drop my sons off at school and head to JoyRide Westport or Darien.

8:45-11am I am usually teaching cycling or Pilates.

11am-3pm I am scheduling rides, corresponding with instructors, reviewing and/or training instructors, meeting with my partners on current issues or future business growth, meeting with local businesses to discuss collaboration, writing blogs and/or planning charity events.

3:30-7:30pm I am helping my sons with homework, taking them to sports activities, attending their games and making dinner.

7:30-10:30pm I am working on playlists for the next day’s classes, catching up on emails, watching TV with my husband or reading a book.

What do you eat for breakfast, the most important meal of the day?  I either eat an egg sandwich with ham & cheese or Greek Yogurt with lots of fresh fruit and chia seeds.  Delicious!

How many classes (both cycling and pilates) do you teach per week?  Roughly 10-12 classes a week.  I teach cycling, mat Pilates and private one-on-one Pilates.

Your favorite post workout snack?  A Shrek smoothie from The Granola Bar.

What is your healthy eating philosophy?  My eating philosophy is eat healthy foods close to the source and eat what you enjoy in moderation.  I have never been on a diet and I don’t believe in extreme dieting of any kind.  I believe that we should find a balance, enjoy meals and use exercise as a form of weight management.

What 3 things are always in your refrigerator?  Fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and cheese.

Your greatest indulgence?  Chocolate and wine!

Favorite line of workout wear?  My top two are:  Lululemon – great style, comfortable, bright colors, functional, and Tommie Copper – compression wear assists with recoveries between workouts, fun colors, comfortable, high quality anti microbial material.

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?  My favorite Saturday night activity is going out to dinner and listening to live music.  I am a huge music fan and love all genres.  Mellow, rocking, country, acoustic, classic or contemporary – I dig it all!

What is your favorite vacation spot?  The mountains and the beach.  Park City, Utah:  I love skiing!  The scenery is breathtaking, the trails challenging, and I get to have daily adventures with my boys and husband on the slopes.  Virgin Islands:  Island life appeals to me because it forces me to slow down the pace of life and soak in the good stuff (like sun, good books, tropical drinks, fresh food, time with friends and family)

If given 4 hours of “free” time to do whatever you want, what would you do?

Oh man! That never happens! But, if it did, here goes!

  • Catch up on reading good books
  • Catch up on reading industry trends in fitness
  • Attend fitness workshops
  • Listen to live music
  • Play tennis
  • Take a yoga class
  • Lunch or drinks with friends
  • Anything in NYC!

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired everyday by so many different kinds of creative individuals. I am fortunate to work with highly talented instructors who I get to learn from each day. My riders also inspire me through their own journeys of overcoming obstacles, such as being a cancer survivor or losing weight. Courage comes in many forms and the ability to strive to be your best day in and day out at whatever you choose to do is highly inspirational to me. I see it every day! JoyRiders are amazing!

Since opening JoyRide, I have had the opportunity to meet the leaders in cycling and fitness industries, entrepreneurs in many different fields, and I am inspired by how all of these individuals have created their path, taken risks, and persevered.

I look for inspiration everywhere! If you open your eyes and your heart, you will learn that it is all around you and it has the ability to transform dreams into reality.

What do you do to stay Fit in CT?   My job keeps me fit and it’s one of the reasons I love what I do. I am active and physical every single day. I am blessed to have profession that I love and that feeds my healthy addiction to exercise!

The super friendly front desk crew and Co-Owner Rhodie Lorenz with her son.

The super friendly front desk crew with Rhodie and one of her sons

Thank you Rhodie!  I look forward to cycling with you again very soon.

For class information and reservations visit



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