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Pro Profile: Mackenzie Pretty

mackenzieMost Westporters in the fitness scene either know Mackenzie Pretty professionally or personally.  She teaches several classes at JoyRide Studios in both Westport and Darien and is also the Group Fitness Director (and an instructor) for Crunch in Norwalk where she is responsible for their Norwalk, Orange & Stratford locations.

Those that take her classes regularly know that she is one of THE most motivating and uplifting instructors, even at 6am on a Monday.  Yours truly has had the pleasure of not only being a student of hers but I also get to work out along side her once a week.  I can attest that her positivity and enthusiasm isn’t limited to her teaching but even when working out in a small group setting she is a cheerleader to us mortals.  This is what makes her one of the best fitness instructors in our area.  She is always “on”.  When the rest of us are cursing under our breath and complaining about the difficulty of an exercise, Mackenzie has a smile on her face and is encouraging the rest of us to be  our best.  Truly, there is no one else like her.

mackenzie bosu

I recently sat down with Mackenzie in an effort to reveal some of her secrets to success, both in the fitness classroom and in life in general:

What is a typical “day in the life of Mackenzie”?  I wake up at 5:30am (except Monday when I teach at 6am, then I wake at 5:15) and while the house is still quiet I take an hour to drink my coffee, catch up on emails, listen to and review playlists and plan and organize the day ahead.  The three kids are up at 6:30 and then I make breakfast and pack lunches (including mine).  My older two are on the bus at 8 and the little guy gets dropped off at 8:30am.  Then I am off to work where I teach classes, train clients and manage group fitness.  After school it’s kids activities, homework and bedtime.  I’m usually in bed by 10:30.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Right now it is oatmeal (plain), black coffee and grapefruit.

How many fitness classes do you teach per weak?   Approximately 12-15, depending on how many I sub.

What is your favorite post workout snack?  Raw almonds and apples (Trader Joe’s has snack packs which I always have with me)

What is your greatest indulgence?  Guacamole & chips

Your favorite line of workout wear?  Lululemon (Mackenzie is an Ambassador)

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?  Anywhere and everywhere…  Dinner with friends, date night, down at Compo with my kids and our friends.

What is your healthy eating philosophy?  I try to eat super clean, minimally processed food.  Nothing white.  Tons of water.  Super fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein.  My typical dinner is a huge salad, another side vegetable and a protein (salmon, grass fed beef, etc).

What is your favorite vacation spot?  Block Island in summer & Beaver Creek in winter.

Who or what inspires you?  My Mom.  She has such amazing energy and joy for life.  She is my best friend and confidant.  She is a breast cancer survivor and lives life to its fullest, is fit and healthy and is up for anything.  She takes my classes and always has a smile on her face.  I hope I can emulate her.  (Mackenzie, now we know where it comes from, you are your mother’s daughter!)

What do YOU do to stay Fit in CT?  In addition to teaching classes my current favorite workouts are Brian’s JoyGroove class at JoyRide Westport, POUND Rockout Workout at Crunch and Andrew’s boot camp at Achieve.  JoyGroove pushes me to work outside of my comfort zone.  Whenever I think I might look silly in Brian’s class I think “I wouldn’t want my daughter to ever think she would look silly trying something new”.  I want to be a good role model for my children and I love to be challenged.

mackenzie final


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  1. jes #

    Love Mackenzie, sweaty or not 😉

    June 11, 2014

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