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Workout of the Week: Pure Barre, Fairfield & Westport

Last October, Westport welcomed the opening of Pure Barre in Playhouse Square.  Westporters and those from neighboring towns flocked to the new studio because of their desire to develop long, lean ‘barre’ bodies.  Pure Barre (the leading barre technique in the country) has enjoyed so much success that owner Laura Laboissonniere recently opened another outpost of the national franchise in Fairfield.  Although Pure Barre is a chain, the feeling inside their studio is anything but – you are greeted by the friendly, supportive and encouraging staff who are eager to get you warmed up and ready to ‘LTB’ (Lift, Tone & Burn) your way to results.

pure barre 1

While the instructors and workouts themselves are varied, each 55 minute Pure Barre class starts with a warmup followed by weight work (shoulders, biceps, triceps), thighs, ‘seat’ (aka tush), abs and stretch.  This is a fast paced, total body workout where you lift, squeeze and tuck your way to developing long, lean muscles.  The class is based on small isometric moves that fire up muscles and create that ballet body that everyone wants.  This is a single level class but quite challenging even for those who thought they were already fit.  😉

pure barre 2

A quick post class survey among my fellow students revealed that for some this is their sole form of workout.  However, there are those who are cardio junkies and treat this as a complement to their cycling and/or running.  Personally I thought this was a killer full body workout and had forgotten how heavy those 3 pound weights can get after tiny, repetitive movements.

pure barre

New students are encouraged but not required to attend a free “Breaking Down the Barre” class which helps deepen your understanding of the technique so you will get more from your workout.  Can’t attend?  No worries.  Come early and the staff will show you around and give you a quick pre-class tutorial.  Pure Barre attracts pregnant women because the exercises can be easily modified.  The instructors are happy to address any condition you may have before class and will show you alternative exercises.  Men should not feel left out.  Pure Barre occasionally offers classes designed for males.

pure barre 3

Looking for an alternative to the popular Main Street fitness fashion retailers?  Pure Barre students and Playhouse Square shoppers LOVE the selection of fitness wear here.  They are known to carry trendy and comfortable apparel in all sizes.  They stock brands such as Beyond Yoga, Splits 59, Karmawear, Alo, Hayden Reis and Nancy Rose Performancewear to name a few.

Why do we love Pure Barre?  In 55 minutes you can get a low impact,  total body workout in a clean yet cozy and welcoming and conveniently located studio.  There is no better place to LTB!

For pricing and class schedules click on the below links:

Pure Barre Westport

291 Post Road East (Playhouse Square), Westport

Pure Barre Fairfield

1275 Post Road, Fairfield


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