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Pro Profile: Maggie Converse, M3 Yoga, Westport

maggie 1I first met Maggie right before I took her ‘Fearless Flow’ class at M3 Yoga a couple of weeks ago.  I liked her instantly.  I can’t put my finger on it but I knew from the second I met her that I was going to enjoy her class and I knew she had more to offer than an hour of great yoga instruction.  Maggie is confident, approachable, friendly and enthusiastic about you taking her class.  You can tell she is passionate about what she does.

Maggie is not your average yoga instructor.  She is also a certified Holistic Health coach (a graduate from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition) and an Ironman Triathlete.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better person to understand the needs and provide wellness coaching for athletes.  As an athlete and one of her students, I was eager to learn more about this young woman who has already decided to devote her life to fitness and nutrition…


What do you eat for breakfast?  A smoothie made with fruit (berries, mango), chia seeds and coconut milk.  I stay away from protein supplements and go for the natural protein in nut butters, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Your favorite post workout snack?  Within 30 minutes of a really long training run or bike ride I drink a chocolate milk.  I also occasionally crave guacamole.

What is your healthy eating philosophy?  I eat clean and simple ingredients.  I eat dessert too;  I do not deprive myself of what I am craving.

What 3 things are always in your refrigerator?  Hummus, kale, beer and/or wine

Your greatest indulgence?  Massages

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?  With my boyfriend, out in NYC or CT or trying out a new restaurant with friends.

What is your favorite vacation spot?  Mexico…  Tulum or Playa del Carmen

If given 4 hours of ‘free’ time to do whatever you want, what would you do?  Long run, restorative yoga, enjoy a nice meal and then sleep.

Who or what inspires you?  All of the great yoga teachers I’ve had over the years.  I also draw energy from my clients and am inspired by them as well.

What do you do to stay Fit in CT?  I get outdoors as much as possible and hike, swim, bike and run.  I am doing the CT Challenge in late July which is a 100 mile bike ride.

In addition to teaching several classes a week at M3Yoga, she is also hosting the below body image workshop.  For more information you can visit her personal website:

maggie body

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  1. Amazing Maggie, you inspire me. Vivienne Abrahams-Aliveriotis (South Africa)

    October 29, 2014

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