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Workout of the Week: SISU Elite Fitness, Norwalk

sisu 9

Within the past several years CrossFit has been become a household name.  CrossFit gyms have popped up right and left around town and across the US.  The suspense had been killing me for months but last week I finally had the opportunity to see what the CrossFit buzz was about.  Enter SISU Elite Fitness.

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Food Find: Steam, Westport & Greens Farms train stations


Let’s be honest, commuting from Westport via Metro North is no walk in the park.  Commuters need something to ease the pain.  Lucky for us we have Steam Coffee Bar.

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Food Find: Overnight oats

There is a time and a place for hot oatmeal.  Subzero temperatures, a nourishing hearty breakfast before you hit the slopes in the winter.  But after the warm & humid days we’ve been having, who wants traditional oatmeal?  What about cold oatmeal?  The kind you can make the night before and is ready when you wake in the  morning?  Let me introduce you to your new favorite breakfast.

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Food Find: Amazing, inspiring cookbook: Meatless

Vegetables are having their moment.  Putting more plant based food on our plates is the latest healthy eating trend (and is hopefully here to stay!).  Once relegated to the “side” of menus they are now the shining superstar.  Even the top restaurants in the US now have vegetable tasting menus.

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Workout of the Week: She3 Barre Well-Fitness Boutique, Fairfield


Owner Benay Rubin & Instructor Channing give us a preview of what’s happening at the Barre.

What I like most about this blog is my chance to meet new people and experience new classes at boutiques in the area.  I love meeting people that share the same passion for health and wellness.  I had heard about SHE3 from multiple sources who have told me that I MUST check out the unique ’boutique’ owned by the incredibly talented and inspirational Benay Rubin.  I was intrigued because my sources told me that this woman changes lives (when she’s not teaching barre classes).  After spending some time with her this week I now know why.  Her well-fitness boutique blew me away because it encompasses total body wellness and is way more than just an amazing barre workout.

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Workout of the Week: Power Vinyasa at Fairfield Hot Yoga

fhy 1

The last time I did hot yoga was about a year ago and let’s just say it did not end well.  My bruised ego has since recovered and I have been eager to give it another try with a new studio and teacher.  By the time I committed I realized it was a 90 degree day.  I was skeptical about hot yoga when it already feels like a sauna outside, but after an hour with Abbey at Fairfield Hot Yoga last week I am now a believer that it doesn’t matter what the weather, it is ALWAYS a good day for hot yoga!

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Food Find: Easiest Summer Starter

The 4th of July is upon us and finally, it falls on a Friday which means a long weekend!  Many of us will be doing some sort of entertaining.  We want something fresh, healthy, seasonal and most of all SIMPLE!  I am excited to share with you the easiest summer starter ever.  You will need only three ingredients:  peaches, basil & prosciutto.

peach 4

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