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Workout of the Week: Power Vinyasa at Fairfield Hot Yoga

fhy 1

The last time I did hot yoga was about a year ago and let’s just say it did not end well.  My bruised ego has since recovered and I have been eager to give it another try with a new studio and teacher.  By the time I committed I realized it was a 90 degree day.  I was skeptical about hot yoga when it already feels like a sauna outside, but after an hour with Abbey at Fairfield Hot Yoga last week I am now a believer that it doesn’t matter what the weather, it is ALWAYS a good day for hot yoga!

fhy 2

Abbey strikes a post class pose.

I found myself in a midday class along with men and women of all ages and ability levels (all FHY classes are all levels).  The temperature of the room is set to 95 degrees so immediately your muscles loosen.  Abbey walked in and was all business.  She asked if we had any requests and had us up and moving into some seriously serious vinyasa in no time.

Abbey works the classroom and several times during her hour long class will assist you.  She is strong and confident when she helps you move into just the right position to deepen your pose and feel the stretch.  She is preemptive and knows the body and will help you correct your yoga posture before your form even has a chance to be poor.

fhy 4

Daily inspiration at FHY.

This class is truly for all levels.  About 1/3 of the students in this class were beginners.  About half were comfortable doing headstands.  Abbey is able to challenge all participants.  For example she automatically instructs you to pushup from up dog/cobra back into straight arm plank before you downward dog in your vinyasa.  So the challenge is there, however she quickly reminds you the pushup is not necessary and up dog to downward dog is an option as well.  Bottom line:  you can make it as challenging as you wish or as simple as you need to.  It’s all about you but she makes it easy for you to get out of your comfort zone.  Another example:  I am not currently able to do headstand but I feel that if I continued to practice with her I would be able to do so within a few classes.

fhy 3

FHY mascot, Yogi, is always up for a cuddle

Why do I love FHY?  Because there is something so fulfilling, rejuvenating and detoxifying about dripping in sweat.  My poses were deeper and my tight runner muscles loosened and I had the most amazing stretches.  Abbey is truly a teacher that will help you advance your practice if you so desire.

For more information visit the Fairfield Hot Yoga website.

85 Mill Plain Road (at the Sportsplex)

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