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Workout of the Week: She3 Barre Well-Fitness Boutique, Fairfield


Owner Benay Rubin & Instructor Channing give us a preview of what’s happening at the Barre.

What I like most about this blog is my chance to meet new people and experience new classes at boutiques in the area.  I love meeting people that share the same passion for health and wellness.  I had heard about SHE3 from multiple sources who have told me that I MUST check out the unique ’boutique’ owned by the incredibly talented and inspirational Benay Rubin.  I was intrigued because my sources told me that this woman changes lives (when she’s not teaching barre classes).  After spending some time with her this week I now know why.  Her well-fitness boutique blew me away because it encompasses total body wellness and is way more than just an amazing barre workout.


The beautiful She3 lounge area makes you feel like you are at a friend’s home.

Benay’s three daughters inspired her to pursue her dream of creating her own business that would encompass her lifelong passion: a one stop destination for self nurture.  She wanted to create an environment where women could walk in and feel at home and be taken care of, where for one hour (or however long you wish to hang out in their gorgeous studio) you are at the top of the totem pole.  Nobody understands women better than Benay who has a background in nutrition and taught Lotte Berk for 22 years.

First and foremost, SHE3 is a Barre studio.  Benay opened She3 on Unquowa Road (around the corner from my fave raw food restaurant, Catch a Healthy Habit) in Fairfield 2 years ago and welcomes women ages 13-92.  She and her team of  instructors teach daily barre classes (babysitting available!).  Each and every class is unique and you’ll find yourself using a TRX or ropes in addition to more traditional barre work (Benay is a certified personal trainer, yoga & pilates instructor!).  These small classes are specifically designed for a woman’s body and allow for individual, personalized attention that will have you focusing on proper technique and form.  There is a reason their SHE3 logo wear says “got quiver?”.  This barre work will leave your muscles burning, screaming and feeling great, when it is over.  😉


she3 final

SHE3 knows, as we all do, that exercise is only a small part of the total body wellness equation.  We can exercise all we want but we also need to eat the right foods to feel good.  Benay also has a background in nutrition and has developed a 28 day cleanse for her clients.  She appreciates that her clients are well educated and know how to make good food choices, they just need motivation to stay focused.  The cleanse program is highly interactive and includes an in store shopping tour, weekly personal meeting and daily recipes.

SHE3 doesn’t stop with strength and health.  The third component is Empowerment.  Benay provides monthly empowerment workshops to teach women to help themselves.  She partners with motivational speaker Laura Campbell, and together they provide you with the teachings and encouragement you need to achieve whatever your goals may be.

Benay is always cooking up something new.  For example her newest project is educating college bound students on how to live a healthy lifestyle and make good choice when they leave home for the first time.  Be sure to check the SHE3 website for upcoming events, lectures and even ‘camp’ for us ladies (last week of July she’s offering a day camp at Hickory Farm in Ridgefield:  Facials, cooking class, etc.)

One upcoming event worth attending:  SHE3 is partnering with Lululemon on Saturday, July 26th to raise money for Project Return (a local charity for troubled Teenage girls).  Make sure you register for the “Shake it up at the Barre” event at for the community class, live music & free healthy shakes!

Why do we love SHE3?  Because SHE3 is one stop shopping for all mind and body wellness.  Strength, Health & Empowerment, it’s so much more than just a workout; it’s a lifestyle.

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  1. CC #

    Just walked by this last week and was very curious. So – timely post. And I had lunch at Catch a Healthy Habit. Loved their Spinach strawberry salad and my little one had their Avocado toast on an amazing onion cracker/bread.

    July 14, 2014

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