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Food Find: Amazing, inspiring cookbook: Meatless

Vegetables are having their moment.  Putting more plant based food on our plates is the latest healthy eating trend (and is hopefully here to stay!).  Once relegated to the “side” of menus they are now the shining superstar.  Even the top restaurants in the US now have vegetable tasting menus.

Shhh… Don’t tell my Texas-bred, meat loving husband but I could seriously become a vegetarian (well ok, I can’t give up fish, so – pescetarian).  Especially in summer when I subconsciously crave lighter food.  Many of us are in CSAs or have gardens and we find ourselves wondering:  What am I going to do with all of that (insert seasonal vegetable – currently it is zucchini)?  Well for anyone looking for new inspiration needs to look at ‘Meatless: More than 200 of the very best vegetarian recipes’ which comes from the always perfect kitchens of Martha Stewart Living.

My personal favorites so far: Kale, Apple & Beet Salad, Chilled Avocado Soup & Kale & Red Cabbage Slaw.

Can’t wait to try:  Quinoa Veggie Burgers, Chickpea brown rice burgers, Roasted Beets and Edamame with Arugula.

Meatless contains over 200 seasonal recipes with beautiful photographs.  There are plenty of paleo, low fat and dairy free options.  All pasta recipes could easily be made with gluten free pasta.  The recipes are simple and easy to follow.  No crazy cooking techniques or equipment needed.  My carnivore husband is impressed and I think you will be too.  🙂

(To order click on the cookbook above)


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  1. diana #

    agreed. so easy to go meatless in summer.
    wondering if you know what dressing was used on the fourth of july salad…looks amazing.

    July 17, 2014

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