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Food Find: Overnight oats

There is a time and a place for hot oatmeal.  Subzero temperatures, a nourishing hearty breakfast before you hit the slopes in the winter.  But after the warm & humid days we’ve been having, who wants traditional oatmeal?  What about cold oatmeal?  The kind you can make the night before and is ready when you wake in the  morning?  Let me introduce you to your new favorite breakfast.

Overnight oats…


This breakfast is win-win.  It’s make ahead, healthy (can be vegan or gluten free) and will keep you sated for hours.  Now you have more time in the morning to be a short order cook for your kids because your breakfast (and maybe even theirs) is done!

Combine 1/2 to 2/3 cups of oats (not quick cooking;  I use Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Oats) and 1 cup of milk of your choice (I use almond milk but you could use any kind of cow’s, nut or soy milk).

Mix in a jar, cover and let sit overnight in your refrigerator.  You can also make a few jars for subsequent mornings.


The next morning you have breakfast!  Add in whatever you wish:  I typically use blueberries, chopped walnuts and some stevia.  My kids like maple syrup and strawberries or peaches.  Check your pantry for other add-ins like honey, seeds, coconut – the possibilities are endless!  Eat straight out of the jar.


Enjoy and be sure to let me know how you like your overnight oats. 🙂

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