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Workout of the Week: SISU Elite Fitness, Norwalk

sisu 9

Within the past several years CrossFit has been become a household name.  CrossFit gyms have popped up right and left around town and across the US.  The suspense had been killing me for months but last week I finally had the opportunity to see what the CrossFit buzz was about.  Enter SISU Elite Fitness.

I was nervous yet curious about my first CrossFit workout.  I had heard the many myths:  ‘you’ll get too bulky’, ‘the workouts are designed for men’s bodies, not women’s,’ ‘you’re going to get hurt because they give you too much weight.’  Let me tell you that after one workout at SISU Elite Fitness I can tell you that these rumors couldn’t be farther from the truth.

First impression:  This place was more than a gym, everyone was family.  These people see each other 3-4x a week.  Nobody knew I was there to write an article, and yet every single person came and introduced themselves to me and shook my hand.  I learned that some participants have been coming weeks, some months and some years but it is immediately clear that while everyone has different goals, each is 100% committed.

Every workout is created by Tommy Baker, Director of Fitness for SISU Elite Fitness.  His years of training and experience allows him to program the workouts in advance with specific goals in mind (versus some CrossFit gyms that do ‘random’ workouts).  He creates patterns in the workouts to make sure his people are progressing at just the right intensity.

Each day the “WOD” is posted on the board and is the same for all participants whether you come to the 6am, 9:30, noon or evening classes.  However, there are modifications, depending on your strength, goals and abilities.

Lori was the coach for the 9:30am workout I participated in.  The WOD was like reading Greek (see below)…

sisu 7

But Lori quickly put me at ease.  Following a group warmup, she walked everyone through the WOD, noted modifications and even demonstrated all exercises.

sisu 10

Box sizes are just one of the many modifications made to tailor individual abilities.

sisu 2

Do these women look bulky? Not at all. They’ve been training at SISU for months and have created long, lean muscles and are fit and strong.

What you need to know:

SISU Elite Fitness welcomes all levels and ages.  There were beginners and more advanced students.  Twenty year olds and 50+ year olds.  Each workout of the day incorporates a full body workout so you get strength training and cardio.  Box jumps, burpees, pull ups (assisted if you need it, I did!), sit ups, dead lifts, sprints are just some examples of the exercises.

sisu 1

Upon starting the program you will complete a 360 fitness evaluation with one of the coaches so they can identify your goals (and make sure you achieve them) in addition to one on one sessions.  In addition to physical training, the coaches are educated to help you with the nutrition aspect as well.

sisu 6

sisu 5

Bottom line:  SISU is as unique as one’s individual goals.  If you are looking for a supportive family that will help you achieve your fitness and life goals you should consider looking at SISU Elite Fitness.  SISU is way more than a gym, it’s a lifestyle.

SISU offers a weekly “SISU Experience Free Trial Class” on Saturdays at 10am.  The class is tailored towards first timers.  RSVP to

For more information visit the SISU Elite Fitness website.




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