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Food Find: Belta’s Farmstand & My favorite gazpacho recipe

Happy end of summer!

I had intended to take the month of August off but I have some seriously time sensitive information that I must share…

I wait all year for tomato season and we are smack dab in the middle of it.  I’ve gushed about my CSA at Belta’s farm before and I must do it again as their tomatoes are out of this world!  Headline:  YOU CAN PURCHASE THESE TOMATOES AT THEIR FARMSTAND and do NOT need to be in their CSA to get these beautiful tomatoes.

tomato 1

First, a little history about Belta’s 24 acre farm located in Westport on Bayberry Lane.  Belta’s Farm is the only working farm in Westport (other than Wakeman)  and has been owned and operated by the Belta family since 1945. It used to be a chicken farm, then mainly a flower farm and now it produces organic vegetables and out of this world eggs. Although Belta’s is not certified organic, they use only organic practices.  The CSA has 75 members and their farm stand is open Friday and Saturday 10 to 3.

tomato 3

My daughter poses with Laura Belta Loffredo (who also happens to be her former kindergarten teacher!).

It is important to know that while I am highlighting tomatoes here they do grow many other vegetables as well:  squash, zucchini, eggplant, snow peas, potatoes, garlic, scapes, kale, swiss chard, carrots, beets, radishes, cabbage and many other vegetables and herbs.

You might be wondering why I am tomato obsessed?  Because I devour them, not just cut up with a sprinkle of sea salt but also in the form of gazpacho.  My favorite gazpacho to make (and subsequently eat) happens to be a garlicky, salty, smooth, tomato only gazpacho (versus the chunkier versions that sometimes incorporate peppers and cucumbers).

My go to gazpacho recipe for the past several years has been Gourmet’s Classic Andalusian Gazpacho.  The ingredients are simple and provided you have fresh tomatoes, the recipe is foolproof (I’ve literally made it 100 times).  The ‘surprise’ ingredient if you will is the small piece of de-crusted baguette (can easily substitute with a gluten free baguette) and the combination of garlic and sherry vinegar elevate this soup to another level.  The only modification I make is I cut the olive oil in half.

classic andalusian gazpacho

Gourmet’s ‘Classic Andalusian Gazpacho’

Enjoy while tomato season lasts.  See you at the farm stand!

Belta’s Farm is located at 128 Bayberry Lane in Westport.

Interested in purchasing a CSA share for next year?  Get on the wait list now!


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