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Pro Profile: Armond Jordan, JoyRide Cycling Studio, Darien & Westport

This post was written by FitCT contributor Margie Treisman

FitCT readers already know about JoyRide and are familiar with at least a couple of the studio’s amazing cycling instructors.  Get to know another one … Armond Jordan. (You may have noticed him on the JoyRide billboard at the Westport train station … and those trademark ARMond arms!)

armond 2

Photo by Julianne Mulvey

Yes, he’s built up those biceps … and a large following for JoyCircuit, a group cross-training class incorporating multiplanar functional movements, including sculpting and core work. He’s been with JoyRide since early 2012, teaching circuit at first, creating innovative and motivating workouts in different formats.  He added cycling classes a few months later and now teaches both in JoyRide’s Westport & Darien studios. (Yes, he’s a stellar cycling instructor, too … but that’ll have to wait for another profile!)

His style? Analytical. He loves movement … walking the floor, weaving in and out of twelve lunging circuit-trainers, checking out their form, and gracefully correcting it when necessary. He does it all with care and great humor. The workouts are progressive and extremely efficient, but not competitive – he uses time, not repetitions, so everyone works at his/her own intensity. He knows his class, encourages modifications, and pokes gentle fun at everyone, including himself!  He’s non-stop. I have personally seen Armond lead kick-butt classes while seriously sleep deprived (days after the recent birth of his new baby Bianca), while battling the flu, and even when a participant brought in a “Dammit Doll” (affectionately called ‘Armond’) to abuse during the most intense parts of class!

Photo by Julianne Mulvey

Photo by Julianne Mulvey

Wanna know more? Here’s what Armond had to say.

What’s your food philosophy?  I eat a lot! Five to six meals throughout the day, starting with an egg white omelet or protein shake in the morning.  Love bread (and can get away with it!)  Find your own balance. Moderation is key. Make sure it’s something you can sustain for life.

How do you stay fit?  Working through my own routines while doing program development, workouts at the Edge, plus tennis, and snowboarding. Best trainer?  My 5-year old son Armond Jr., a mini-trainer and future fitness professional who does Tabata countdowns for me!

How many classes do you teach per week? 17 classes per week at JoyRide.  I’m also a Nike trainer and ambassador, teaching NTC (Nike Training Club), a community-based, free, 45-minute total body class at the Nike store in Westport.  NTC is a great community resource for kids, college students and adults (women can even borrow sneakers and fuel bands for the workout, if needed).

What inspires you?  I’m inspired by people doing what they love. The creativity that comes from a person driven by their passion is something I feed off of. It helps me keep going. Fortunately, I get to do what I love everyday.

Favorite line of workout wear?  Of course, Nike … for reasons beyond being a trainer/ambassador. Nike is very innovative and always has great style, but most important, great performance for my day-to-day training/instructing.

Favorite vacation spot?  The Bahamas — by far my favorite place. It’s kind of hard to beat the great weather and gorgeous beaches.  I think I’m long overdue for another visit!

Armond’s JoyCircuit is indeed a joyful complement to the cycling I know and love at JoyRide. Give it a try …. If you can get a spot!!  (Armond’s classes tend to fill quickly so we recommend registering at at noon sharp on Sundays when the week’s schedule comes out.)


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  1. Gaelle Dudley #

    great write up karen!xoxo

    October 23, 2014

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