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Food Find: Favorite Costco Buys

It’s no secret, suburban moms (and dads!) have a love affair with Costco.  It’s embarrassing to admit but more times than socially acceptable we find ourselves comparing notes on our favorite things from Costco.  We all live in the burbs now and have ample storage for their items but what we find is that we all buy different things.  Here are my favorite items that I buy over and over again and cannot live without:

1.  MaraNatha Almond Butter  Yes, I know it isn’t organic but the only ingredients are DRY ROASTED ALMONDS.  Many of the organic brands on the market have added oils and sugars, yuck!  This almond butter is beyond delicious.



2.  Frozen Organic Blueberries  Perfect for your morning smoothie or addition to hot or cold oatmeal.

3.  bare Baked Apple Chips  Perfect for kids and adult snacks, they never get old.  Only one ingredient:  Organic Apples.  Added bonus, it’s school safe:  “produced in a nut free facility”.



4.  LesserEvil Popcorn  My snacking obsession.  Only ingredients are: Organic Non-GMO Popcorn, Organic Coconut Oil & Himalayan Salt.  3 Cups = 110 Calories.  This also goes in my kids snack EVERY SINGLE DAY (nut free facility so school safe).  As you can see, I buy in massive bulk so you may even receive this as a hostess gift from me.  🙂  Added bonus?  You are supporting a local company from Wilton, CT.



5.  Organic Eggs  I can barely manage 3 kids, a husband and a dog so a chicken coop just isn’t in the cards.  Until someone gifts me with dozens of farm fresh organic eggs on a regular basis I will continue to buy from Costco as my CSA sells out in minutes.



6.  Hannah Organic Hommus Cups (I am aware that it is not spelled traditionally)  16 pre-packaged hummus cups again perfect for kids and adult snacks and lunches.



7.  Earthbound Farm Organic Power Greens.  A no-brainer, the huge bag comes pre-washed and ready for your Vitamix.



8.  bark THINS.  For those of us who cannot get to the Granola Bar for a Paleo cookie and need to end (and sometimes begin) the day with a little bit of dark chocolate, this is excellent.  I find myself with my hand in the bag way too often.  Delicious dark chocolate, almonds and sea salt.  YUM!

bark thins


These are my Costco favorites.  I’d love to know yours!


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  1. Galia Gichon Clemens #

    I’m going this weekend! Great idea! Xo

    October 31, 2014
  2. Jess #

    Great ideas, looks like I need to get membership to Costo again…

    November 1, 2014

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