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Workout of the Week: ‘Advanced Kickboxing’ with Alex at Title, Norwalk

I would like to re-introduce you to one of THE best kept secrets in Fairfield County.  No, it’s not Ivan Drago.   It’s Alex at Title in Norwalk.

Alex and student take it to the ring.

Alex and student take it to the ring.

FitCT readers may remember a previous on Alex & Title back in the spring (click here for writeup), however his ‘advanced kickboxing’ class is worth a post of its own.  Put Tuesday at 9:45am on  your calendar (call to reserve your spot now!).

alex 2

Let’s first discuss the fact that is called ‘advanced kickboxing’.  Yes, it is an advanced class that even the fittest participant will never, ever fully be able to complete to Alex’s high standard, but hey, we all want a challenge, right?  I for one am not an ‘advanced’ kick boxer.  Actually, I am not even an ‘intermediate’ kick boxer, but if you show drive and determination and go to class with the desire to work hard because you want results, then this class if for you – advanced or not.

alex 1

Alex demonstrates an exercise while we recover.

Alex teaches a completely different class each week and you never know what he is going to throw at you.  One thing for sure, just because the class is called ‘kickboxing’ it doesn’t mean you are going to be kicking a bag for an hour.  This past week he had us warming up by doing one minute intervals of sprints, walking pushups, burpee frog jumps to name a few examples.  Next we moved on to a circuit that had us in 8 different stations.   Swinging ropes with scissor jumps, knee tucks, burpees with the BOSU, ball slams and various TRX drills.  Then he had us sprinting with a 20lb medicine ball and punching with him in the ring.  He worked EVERY SINGLE PART of our tired bodies to the point beyond fatigue.  But it felt amazing (post class).  The best part?  Punching a big heavy bag with big gloves on.  🙂

If there is something you physically can not do?  Alex will adjust the exercise accordingly without making you feel like an underachiever.  However, if he knows you aren’t giving it all you are capable of then he will push you to work harder.  He’s an excellent motivator that reads his students well.

One of many, many burpees required in class.

One of many, many burpees required in class.

Alex teaches ‘regular’ kickboxing classes Friday at 9:45am and Sunday at 12:30pm.  All of his classes are crazy challenging.

Need a holiday gift idea for a friend or spouse?  Pick up a pair of boxing gloves and combine it with a 10 pack of classes.  This is one gift I would love to receive and just happens to be perfect for men as well.

Title (right next door to Tumble Jungle in Norwalk) is very clean and the staff is beyond friendly and helpful and works hard to make everyone feel comfortable.  All equipment is new and in excellent condition.  Showers are available but bring your own towel.

alex 4

Bottom line:  If you are looking for an intense, challenging workout that will leave you exhausted yet energized, this class is for you.  There is some real therapy going on in this gym.  I hope you’ll decide to give it a try, you will be glad you did!

Title Boxing Club

250 Westport Avenue, Norwalk


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