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Mega your workout in Darien at CST 50

Do you want to know one of the best kept fitness secrets in Fairfield County? Are you looking for a total body, non impact, cardio blasting, fat burning and super sweaty workout that will lengthen, tone and stretch your body in 50 minutes? Look no further than CST50 in Darien.


Since 2013, co-owners Felice Marcy and Annabel Marisca (buds since their Greenwich HS Days) and their instructors, have been chiseling bodies in their Darien Studio, CST50 (CST stands for Cardio, Strenghten and Tone in 50 minutes).   Perfect for any fitness level, there are about 36 intro and open level classes a week for you to grab one of their 10 Megaformers™. Once in class you’ll learn and then perform such moves such as the ‘bear’, pike to plank, cobra, super lunge, scrambled legs, corkscrew and  wheelbarrow, etc.


The Megaformer™ was developed by Sebastien Lagree back in 2001 as an innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. The Megaformer™ machine utilizes resistance and counter-resistance in a sequence that allows for periods of zero gravity at peak muscle contraction[1]. The machine is designed so that students can quickly transition from one exercise to another without recovery time. The end result is this amazing 50 minute workout that does everything you want it to: cardio, toning, stretching while working multiple muscles at once. Core, abs and arms and all of those muscles you didn’t know you had until you feel them the next day. There is no impact and low risk of injury. The workout improves endurance (exercises are designed to work the muscles to failure), jump starts the metabolism and restores the body’s natural balance.

annabel & felice

No two classes are ever the same and although you will learn the basic movements and the names of the exercises, you will never know what is coming next. One day may be more legs then arms but know that you will get a complete body workout. You will be hard pressed to find a more efficient 50 minute workout anywhere. The motivating music and instructors who have had hours upon hours of Megaformer™ training know just when you need a shout out. It’s no accident that co-owner Felice Marcy knows exactly when to motivate you. She does each workout herself at 7am before she teaches her classes for the day so she remembers exactly what it feels like when her students are doing the moves.


The only prerequisite? You need to want to work hard. The reward? An amazing feeling of accomplishment knowing you just worked harder than you ever thought you could. Remember, strong is the new sexy.

CST50 is located at 9 Old Kings Highway North in Darien.

[1] Descrption from


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