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Need to Know: JoyRide expands ‘off the bike’ classes in Darien

It’s no secret that the indoor cycling classes offered at JoyRide are outstanding but what most don’t know is that their ‘off the bike’ classes such as Joy Circuit and mat Pilates are equally amazing.  These classes have grown in popularity so much that next week, JoyRide Darien welcomes three new instructors who will teach new strength and resistance training classes – the perfect complement to indoor cycling.

JoyRide Cycling Studio_DSC3357_Credit Kyle Norton

L to R, Dina Fay, Mackenzie Pretty, Amy Tillotson, Anna Zapotosky. Photo credit Kyle Norton

New instructors Anna Zap, 99.9 radio show host and veteran fitness trainer, Dina Fay, popular instructor and Darien resident, and Amy Tillotson, NCAA soccer player-turned-trainer all have extensive fitness backgrounds, unbridled enthusiasm and athleticism.

Starting Monday, March 9, you will find the new 50 minute classes – JoyBOSU, JoyTRX and JoyHIIT on the Darien schedule.  From March 9-15 all ‘off-the-bike’ classes in Darien are free so be sure to book your spot online Sunday at noon.  These ladies will also be teaching the popular JoyCircuit classes.

JoyRide Cycling Studio_DSC3201_Dina Fay_Credit Kyle Norton

JoyRide’s Dina Fay. Photo credit Kyle Norton

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to check out the new classes and instructors next week.  I hope you will join me!

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s off-the-bike/ Studio 2 Darien schedule:

Monday, March 9

Mat Pilates     JoyCircuit     Mat Pilates     JoyCircuit
8:45am            9:45               10:45                6pm
Heidi               Armond         Heidi               Dina

Tuesday, March 10

JoyCircuit      JoyCircuit     JoyCardio Sculpt     Mat Pilates     JoyTRX Fusion    Joy HIIT
6:00am          8:45                9:45                           10:45                5pm                       6pm
Dina               Kelvin            CJ                               Vicki                 Amy                      Amy

Wednesday, March 11

JoyBOSU Blast     JoyBOSU Blast     JoyHIIT         Mat Pilates    JoyBOSU Blast
6:00am                 8:45                        9:45               10:45               6pm
Dina                      Mackenzie            Mackenzie    Heidi               Dina

Thursday, March 12

JoyTRX Fusion        JoySculpt      JoyMobility

6:00am                     8:45                9:45
Amy T.                      Alison            Chris

Friday, March 13

JoyBOSU Blast     JoyCircuit      Mat Pilates
8:45am                  9:45                10:45
Armond                Armond          Vicki

Saturday, March 14

JoyCircuit            Mat Pilates    JoyMobility
8:30am                 9:45                10:45
Tony                     Heidi               Chris

For more information visit the JoyRide Studio website.

JoyRide Studio

25 Old Kings Highway North, Darien


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