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Need to Know: My Wardrobe Style, Fairfield County


We certainly don’t want to jinx it, but the never ending winter of 2015 just may have come to an end.  It just may be time to put away the snow pants and boots and think about a lighter spring and summer wardrobe.  I appreciate that not everyone fits into this category, but to some (me!), this may put you into a state of panic.  I look into my closet and think “I have nothing to wear”, all of my clothes are navy or varying degrees of blue, some with white stripes.  I have too many t-shirts, not enough ‘non-workout’ clothes.  I have items from the sidewalk sale of 2013 purchased in a state of frenzy that still have tags hanging on them.  I’m not sure what fits or looks good.

After decades of getting it all wrong, I learned last fall that this doesn’t have to be…

Enter my sweet and always put together friend Tara Roseme.  We met when she moved to Westport last summer and it was hard to ignore that she is always perfectly dressed.  Even while heading to a workout she looks completely polished.  Take one look at her any time of day and you’ll know she’s the right woman to help you out.  If that doesn’t convince you, check out her resume here.

Leather Trousers and Flip-Flops

Tara established My Wardrobe Style so she could help women with all different budgets and lifestyles look and feel their best in their clothes.  She works with stay at home moms, moms transitioning back into the work force, the total career woman and more mature women who are trying to find what works for their lifestyle and figure.


Tara’s philosophy is that creating a fresh, new look doesn’t always have to be costly.  With her help and guidance, you can add in new key pieces to an already existing wardrobe or develop a wardrobe foundation with quality classic pieces while adding in some trendier items.  She helps her customers think ahead to the upcoming season and makes a plan on what you need to add in so you don’t impulse buy and buy the wrong pieces out of stress!

Her list of ‘common mistakes’ pretty much define me: buying clothing that doesn’t complement your shape, impulse shopping, shopping on-line all the time and buying too much of the same thing.

Contact Tara and she will start in your closet to assess what’s there and what needs to be edited or donated.  She will also show you new ways to wear what you have.  She can mix and match current pieces and add in basics that are missing or classic quality pieces that will give you a wardrobe foundation.   For me, she has reinvented pieces that I was about to give away, she has spied that perfect dress at the store that I would’ve passed up and was quick to identify what was missing in my wardrobe and emailed me with ideas.  She followed up with a shopping trip and watched me try on items.  She was honest about what worked for me and what didn’t.  Tara can even bring items to you at home for you to try and thus save you incredible amounts of time.  This woman is a hidden gem and I am hereby sharing her with you.  You’re welcome.

As a little gift to FitCT readers, Tara is sharing some of her favorite things for this upcoming season (all items are from Mitchell’s).

tara photoFor more information or to schedule a consultation you can email Tara at or contact her through her website:

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