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‘Revelution’ Fitness

Big, epic, exciting things are happening in boutique fitness in Fairfield County.  This time it isn’t a new gym on the scene but rather a merger of two existing, highly reputable gyms:  Julie Migliaccio’s Evolution Fitness is partnering with Jay Ross’s Cross Fit Revel to become the appropriately named, ‘Revelution‘.

Julie Migliaccio & Jay

Julie Migliaccio & Jay Ross

Jay & Julie have a long history together and each has successfully run their own gyms.  Julie has been in her current location since 2000 and many of her clients who were with her then are still with her today (and she’s obviously picked up many along the way!).  Jay has been working in fitness for the past 8 years. He started as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at a big box gym, though quickly determined this was not the right setting for his passions. He began an in-home personal training business and opened his first CrossFit gym in 2009. He currently owns 3 CrossFit gyms (2 in Philadelphia) and CrossFit Revel (Norwalk), which opened in September of 2013. Jay completed his Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Temple University.

What exactly does this mean for clients?  The synergy created in the merger is a win-win for everyone.  Julie’s personalized programming, Cycology and Rev X classes (previously reviewed here) and times will remain unchanged.  However, with the expanded and soon to be renovated space 2 miles west on the Post Road, Revelution will be able to offer more class options as well including cycling and rowing.  Those looking for a Cross Fit workout will need to look no further.  Julie & Jay will have it all under one roof and will be open 7 days a week.

It’s important to remember that the ‘Rev X’ workout is not a ‘CrossFit’ workout (although Julie is a certified CrossFit coach and is a Master CrossFit competitor), rather Rev X is  a conditioning class which includes strength (with light or no weights) with cardiovascular exercises.  The Rev X workouts are pre-programmed and constantly changing and new.   For example, this week I jumped into a Wednesday class that was a 35 minute (post-warmup), non-stop EMOM (every minute on the minute).

35 minute EMOM

35 minute EMOM

Other times I’ve taken Rev X classes we’ve done AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and Tabata workouts:

I personally love these workouts because they are never boring and are always new, which is the key to obtaining results.

Revelution will offer clients something called ‘beyond the whiteboard’ for those who like to come in on their own and have a workout posted.  Coaches will be available for guidance if needed.


The soon to be updated space at 35 Lois Street is 5,000 square feet.

Revelution is planning to add 2 private studios, bathroom upgrades and many general improvements to the 5,000 square foot space over the next several months.  Be sure to check back here for updates throughout the summer or follow @fitct411, @evolution_gym or @cfrevel on instagram.

Revelution, 35 Lois Street, Norwalk.

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