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Need to Know: Pro’s tips for the fitness novice

I love it when my friends and Fit CT readers make suggestions for articles.  My most recent request:  What if you are new to exercise or are looking to get back into a workout regime after a lengthy hiatus?  I asked four local fitness gurus for their tips and advice for those who are looking to start a workout program…

a year from now

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Workout of the Week: Deep Water Running at Swim Seventy, Norwalk

Back in March of this year, a much younger friend from my running club had an injury that prevented her from being able to run.  Being the resourceful and determined person she is, she found the Swim Seventy deep water running program to cross train and maintain her current level of fitness.  She more than praised the workout and its results and I admit that she tried for months to get me into the pool but I came up with excuse after excuse as to why I couldn’t participate.  I don’t like being wet, I didn’t want to put on a bathing suit, I prefer to sweat and pound the pavement, etc.  Fast forward four months to my current situation: creaky knees from 20 years of constant running, a sore achilles from tennis and a fall marathon looming – Swim 70’s flyer ended up in my inbox I knew it was a sign and time to give it a try.

deep water running 1

The olympic sized Swim Seventy pool in Norwalk.

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DownUnder Westport presents ‘Stand up for Veterans’ Event July 24 & 25

Our friends at DownUnder in Westport are up to a lot of good!  Mark your calendars:  July 24 and 25 they will be hosting ‘Stand up for Veterans’ events.  This is the perfect excuse to support a fantastic cause, get out on the water and – an added bonus – you can bring your kids and or dog along too.  New to paddle boarding?  Fear not, their expert instructors will be leading clinics and lessons on Friday.  Feeling competitive?  On Saturday there are 6 and 3 mile SUP races and a 1 mile fun paddle.  Clearly they have entertainment and events for the whole family, Fido included.