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A Running Obsession…

I am very often asked what my favorite workout is.  I have many but there is one that has held the top rank for the last 18 years.  Running.  I didn’t grow up running – to be honest in high school I couldn’t run 400m without having an ambulance arrive at the scene, but when I moved to NYC in 1997 I caught the running bug.  I joined NYRR while living on the UES and found that with drive and determination I could do it.   I never knew that what started out as a 5k in Central Park in 1998 would define the next 20+ years (and hopefully more!) of my life.



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Food Find: Clean Slate Cookbook

It’s been awhile since I got really excited over a cookbook.  Yes, I have pre-ordered each and every one of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa cookbooks but to find one that one ranks up there with Gourmet’s big, yellow, kitchen ‘Bible’ is one I definitely want to share.

clean slate

CLEAN SLATE, A Cookbook and Guide, from the editors of Martha Stewart Living, is hand down my new favorite cookbook.  The recipes are light and clean, yet flavorful and delicious enough to satisfy the most high maintenance customers (my husband and kids!).  The recipes are simple enough to prepare for a weekday lunch or dinner.  Photos sell you on the recipes instantly.  I am eager to try each and every one.

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Mega your workout in Darien at CST 50

Do you want to know one of the best kept fitness secrets in Fairfield County? Are you looking for a total body, non impact, cardio blasting, fat burning and super sweaty workout that will lengthen, tone and stretch your body in 50 minutes? Look no further than CST50 in Darien.


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Food Find: Steam, Westport & Greens Farms train stations


Let’s be honest, commuting from Westport via Metro North is no walk in the park.  Commuters need something to ease the pain.  Lucky for us we have Steam Coffee Bar.

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Workout of the Week: CST50, Darien

cst 2

CST50 open level class.

Variety is the spice of life.  For the past 15 years I’ve been indoor cycling, kickboxing, running and swimming.  I’ve taken Pilates and yoga classes and have used kettle bells and TRX’s.  Yes, there are 19,000 different variations and exercises, and while I love them all I can’t remember the last time I tried something completely new. That is, until last week.

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Food Find: Kibberia Middle Eastern Restaurant & Cafe, Westport

Dietitians and nutritionists say that the the weight picture is determined 80% by diet and 20% by exercise.  Therefore we can exercise all we want but if we aren’t eating the right foods we aren’t going to get the results we want.  Westport has seen an influx of healthy eating establishments in the past few years and as of last August (lucky for us!) we gained one more.


My personal favorite, Lentil & Cabbage Salad

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Workout of the Week: Indoor Cycling at JoyRide Studios, Darien & Westport

I still remember the first time I walked into JoyRide in Westport.  It was July, 2013 and I had just moved to Westport the week before.  I was eager to get out of the house and back into a workout routine.  I had signed up for Mo’s JoyCircuit class and had absolutely no idea what to expect.

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Food Find: The Granola Bar of Westport

Those who know me well know that I’ve been a huge fan of The Granola Bar since before they opened their doors last December. Things have not changed and although it is impossible for me to have every meal there, I wish I could. Why? Because it is the food I want to eat paired with the best service around.

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Workout of the Week: Boot Camp at Achieve Fitness, Norwalk


achieve 9Hidden in a former industrial park just across the Westport border is a gem of a gym.  You’d never know Achieve Fitness existed unless someone told you about it.  You can’t buy a membership, it is known only by word of mouth.  Achieve is a no frills, personal training and small group training facility.  Andrew Kindt, his wife Ashley, and business parter John Brace formed Achieve Fitness in 2007.  They currently have about 30 full and part time trainers working in their ‘secret laboratory’.  Their mission?  To help clients achieve their unique and individual goals, whatever they may be.

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Workout of the Week: Alex at Title Boxing Club

title 1

I was a reluctant participant. For years I claimed that kickboxing wasn’t my thing. I attribute this to a bad experience at a class in NYC over 15 years ago that isn’t even worth elaborating upon. Fast forward to 2014. At the urging of my super fit friend I decided to give it another shot. The verdict? Addiction. Obsession.

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