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Workout of the Week: Deep Water Running at Swim Seventy, Norwalk

Back in March of this year, a much younger friend from my running club had an injury that prevented her from being able to run.  Being the resourceful and determined person she is, she found the Swim Seventy deep water running program to cross train and maintain her current level of fitness.  She more than praised the workout and its results and I admit that she tried for months to get me into the pool but I came up with excuse after excuse as to why I couldn’t participate.  I don’t like being wet, I didn’t want to put on a bathing suit, I prefer to sweat and pound the pavement, etc.  Fast forward four months to my current situation: creaky knees from 20 years of constant running, a sore achilles from tennis and a fall marathon looming – Swim 70’s flyer ended up in my inbox I knew it was a sign and time to give it a try.

deep water running 1

The olympic sized Swim Seventy pool in Norwalk.

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Need to Know: DownUnder’s Paddle Fit Class, Westport & Rowayton

If you are a Fit CT reader, chances are you live in Fairfield County and you’d agree with me that, in most seasons, we live in one of the most beautiful areas.  The long awaited unofficial start to summer is here and with that we have the desire to spend as much time outside and near or on the water as we possibly can.  Let me tell you, there is no better way to multi-task being close to nature and working out than taking DownUnder’s Paddle Fit class.

paddle fit 3

The owner, staff and experienced students pre Paddle Fit class.

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Mega your workout in Darien at CST 50

Do you want to know one of the best kept fitness secrets in Fairfield County? Are you looking for a total body, non impact, cardio blasting, fat burning and super sweaty workout that will lengthen, tone and stretch your body in 50 minutes? Look no further than CST50 in Darien.


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Workout of the Week: Orange Theory Fitness, Fairfield


It takes a lot for me to get up and going pre-6am on the Friday after Thanksgiving but was I intrigued to find out more about Orangetheory Fitness in Fairfield.  Wow, the workout came in way above my expectation.  I admit, I was skeptical since OTF is a franchise but I was really blown away and my experience during this one hour left me wanting to come back for more.

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Pro Profile: Richard Failla, Fairfield Hot Yoga

Most adults usually want to avoid policemen for one reason or another.  So why does one Westport cop literally have 35 people who seek him out on a Tuesday night at 7:30 to spend 75 minutes with him in a 95 degree room?  Answer:  Because he is the owner and instructor extraordinaire at Fairfield Hot Yoga.

Richard and his German Shepard, Yogi

Richard and his German Shepard, Yogi

A veteran police officer (29 years!), Richard Failla was introduced to Bikram Yoga 15 years ago at the suggestion of his dog walker.  One class changed him forever … it was love at first sweat.  After practicing for four years he became Bikram certified in 2006 and then opened FHY in the Sportsplex in 2010.

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Workout of the Week: ‘Advanced Kickboxing’ with Alex at Title, Norwalk

I would like to re-introduce you to one of THE best kept secrets in Fairfield County.  No, it’s not Ivan Drago.   It’s Alex at Title in Norwalk.

Alex and student take it to the ring.

Alex and student take it to the ring.

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Workout of the Week: Evolution, Westport

For 14 years many of Westport’s fittest have been convening at a gym that’s hidden on Westport’s Post Road East.  “Julie at Evolution” needs no explanation to her loyal followers, but for all others, this blog post is for you.


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Workout of the Week: SISU Elite Fitness, Norwalk

sisu 9

Within the past several years CrossFit has been become a household name.  CrossFit gyms have popped up right and left around town and across the US.  The suspense had been killing me for months but last week I finally had the opportunity to see what the CrossFit buzz was about.  Enter SISU Elite Fitness.

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Workout of the Week: She3 Barre Well-Fitness Boutique, Fairfield


Owner Benay Rubin & Instructor Channing give us a preview of what’s happening at the Barre.

What I like most about this blog is my chance to meet new people and experience new classes at boutiques in the area.  I love meeting people that share the same passion for health and wellness.  I had heard about SHE3 from multiple sources who have told me that I MUST check out the unique ’boutique’ owned by the incredibly talented and inspirational Benay Rubin.  I was intrigued because my sources told me that this woman changes lives (when she’s not teaching barre classes).  After spending some time with her this week I now know why.  Her well-fitness boutique blew me away because it encompasses total body wellness and is way more than just an amazing barre workout.

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Workout of the Week: Power Vinyasa at Fairfield Hot Yoga

fhy 1

The last time I did hot yoga was about a year ago and let’s just say it did not end well.  My bruised ego has since recovered and I have been eager to give it another try with a new studio and teacher.  By the time I committed I realized it was a 90 degree day.  I was skeptical about hot yoga when it already feels like a sauna outside, but after an hour with Abbey at Fairfield Hot Yoga last week I am now a believer that it doesn’t matter what the weather, it is ALWAYS a good day for hot yoga!

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