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Food Find: Clean Slate Cookbook

It’s been awhile since I got really excited over a cookbook.  Yes, I have pre-ordered each and every one of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa cookbooks but to find one that one ranks up there with Gourmet’s big, yellow, kitchen ‘Bible’ is one I definitely want to share.

clean slate

CLEAN SLATE, A Cookbook and Guide, from the editors of Martha Stewart Living, is hand down my new favorite cookbook.  The recipes are light and clean, yet flavorful and delicious enough to satisfy the most high maintenance customers (my husband and kids!).  The recipes are simple enough to prepare for a weekday lunch or dinner.  Photos sell you on the recipes instantly.  I am eager to try each and every one.

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Need to Know: “Crushing It” by Irene Penny at Athleta, Westport


Some girls have all the luck.  You see them around:  they are always put together, smiling and looking confident, while at the same time stunning and gorgeous.  Then if by chance you get to know them, they happen to be nice, funny and crazy talented.  Irene Penny (Silver Penny Photography) is one of those women, and her photography mimics her personal characteristics to a T.  Her work is strong, beautiful and striking.  Just like Irene, her photography stops you in your tracks.

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Pro Profile: Ryan Foley, SoulCycle, Greenwich & Westport

With the arrival of spring we often look forward to Easter and Passover, Spring Break and outdoor farmers markets.  This spring, however, will be different from others.  Why? Well unless you’ve been hibernating all winter (which is entirely possible) you know that the fitness scene in Fairfield County and particularly in Westport is about to gain a new addition.  Come April, SoulCycle Westport will open their doors at 374 Post Road East (next to Trader Joe’s).

Photo credit Soul Cycle

Ryan Foley, Photo credit SoulCycle

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Food Find: Outstanding in the Field by Sugar & Olives

Many of my fondest memories over the past decade revolve around food.  I am fortunate to have had the privilege of dining at award winning restaurants such as Masa, The French Laundry and Blue Hill at Stone Barns but more times than not I find myself preferring the smaller, local restaurant and food experiences versus the ‘super special occasion’ venues.

outstanding in the field

Last year’s Outstanding in the Field hosted at The Hickories

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Food Find: Trader Joe’s dinner tricks

If given all the time in the world I would spend my endless days trying countless recipes from my favorite cookbooks such as Gourmet and Martha Stewart’s new Clean Slate.  But since time for cooking is a luxury and dinner always a scramble (and I’m pretty confident that is the scenario for most), I have come to rely on some Trader Joe’s staples to help me in a pinch.

Here are my current faves:

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Need to Know: JoyRide expands ‘off the bike’ classes in Darien

It’s no secret that the indoor cycling classes offered at JoyRide are outstanding but what most don’t know is that their ‘off the bike’ classes such as Joy Circuit and mat Pilates are equally amazing.  These classes have grown in popularity so much that next week, JoyRide Darien welcomes three new instructors who will teach new strength and resistance training classes – the perfect complement to indoor cycling.

JoyRide Cycling Studio_DSC3357_Credit Kyle Norton

L to R, Dina Fay, Mackenzie Pretty, Amy Tillotson, Anna Zapotosky. Photo credit Kyle Norton

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Mega your workout in Darien at CST 50

Do you want to know one of the best kept fitness secrets in Fairfield County? Are you looking for a total body, non impact, cardio blasting, fat burning and super sweaty workout that will lengthen, tone and stretch your body in 50 minutes? Look no further than CST50 in Darien.


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Need to Know: Tree of Life Center workshops

I’ve been contemplating this blog post for almost a week now, not because I didn’t want to share but because it is something I’m having a hard time putting into words.  It is because this is something new to me – something I don’t practice all the time – something that pushed me way out of my comfort zone.

tree of life centerLast Tuesday I found myself at a noon JoyRide class where Mackenzie Pretty (the incredible instructor!) introduced me to the woman sitting next to me, Beth Segaloff, a social worker and Reiki master.  Beth had led an empowerment and leadership workshop for JoyRide instructors and everyone raved about her.  Would I like to join her in a small group empowerment workshop in two days?  I gave it some thought (with such outstanding recommendations how could I say no?) and cleared my schedule for her 3 hour workshop.  I had no expectations but was totally in to this idea.

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Food Find: Embody Fitness Gourmet, Darien & Westport

I sound like a broken record saying “eating right is 70% of the weight picture”, but it’s true.  It’s the part I personally struggle with the most but I know that in order to see results you need to eat a clean, unprocessed diet that makes you feel good.  With long, cold winter days it is so easy to slip into a processed, sugary storm and after the Superbowl and subsequent snow day I wanted out.

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Athleta grand opening party

Main Street in Westport was the place to be this past Thursday night as the community came out to formally welcome Athleta to the neighborhood.  JoyRide and Moffly Media sponsored the grand opening party and the always delicious The Granola Bar catered the event.

athleta grand opening

Athleta unveiled a big portion of their spring collection which consists of performance wear, including their new SONAR bottoms (think wicking, breathable interlock compression), in addition to their always super comfortable leisure wear – sweaters, sweatshirts, and other items to take you to and from your workout and into your everyday busy life.

athleta 2

Those that know me personally know that I am no fashion expert.  While I love my Choos, my ‘mom of 3’ and fitness blogger lifestyle usually means I’m in my workout gear and yoga pants.  So, instead of giving you my favorite picks from Athleta (grey sweatshirts anyone?), I enlisted my talented and always put together friend who just so happens to be a professional stylist, Tara Roseme of My Wardrobe Style, to help us find the ‘must have’ pieces of Atheta’s spring collection…

Tara fell in love with Athleta’s “Fuse” Vest as it is a perfect piece for spring layering.

The “Fuse Jacket” also caught Tara’s eye because the vertical lines up and down the torso are very slimming.

According to Tara, mesh is a current trend but be careful not to wear too much.  Less is more here and the Citytime Sweatshirt is one of Tara’s favorites…


The Gel Chaturanga Capri has more character than your basic black but isn’t distracting.

The cropped sweatpant look is popular this spring and will take you into summer…


What do I personally like most about Athleta?  Talls and petites have the option to order online for their specialty sizes in many of the styles.  Athleta also carries plus and maternity sizes.  The pieces I own are comfortable and well made and I find myself wearing those pieces over and over and over again.


The gorgeous Moffly Media ladies are perfect Athleta models.  Love those cashmere sweaters.

The gorgeous Moffly Media ladies are perfect Athleta models. Love those cashmere sweaters.