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Need to Know: Pro’s tips for the fitness novice

I love it when my friends and Fit CT readers make suggestions for articles.  My most recent request:  What if you are new to exercise or are looking to get back into a workout regime after a lengthy hiatus?  I asked four local fitness gurus for their tips and advice for those who are looking to start a workout program…

a year from now

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Workout of the Week: Deep Water Running at Swim Seventy, Norwalk

Back in March of this year, a much younger friend from my running club had an injury that prevented her from being able to run.  Being the resourceful and determined person she is, she found the Swim Seventy deep water running program to cross train and maintain her current level of fitness.  She more than praised the workout and its results and I admit that she tried for months to get me into the pool but I came up with excuse after excuse as to why I couldn’t participate.  I don’t like being wet, I didn’t want to put on a bathing suit, I prefer to sweat and pound the pavement, etc.  Fast forward four months to my current situation: creaky knees from 20 years of constant running, a sore achilles from tennis and a fall marathon looming – Swim 70’s flyer ended up in my inbox I knew it was a sign and time to give it a try.

deep water running 1

The olympic sized Swim Seventy pool in Norwalk.

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DownUnder Westport presents ‘Stand up for Veterans’ Event July 24 & 25

Our friends at DownUnder in Westport are up to a lot of good!  Mark your calendars:  July 24 and 25 they will be hosting ‘Stand up for Veterans’ events.  This is the perfect excuse to support a fantastic cause, get out on the water and – an added bonus – you can bring your kids and or dog along too.  New to paddle boarding?  Fear not, their expert instructors will be leading clinics and lessons on Friday.  Feeling competitive?  On Saturday there are 6 and 3 mile SUP races and a 1 mile fun paddle.  Clearly they have entertainment and events for the whole family, Fido included.


JoyRide Cycling Studio to Host Fundraising Ride to Benefit Save the Children’s Relief Efforts in Nepal

Nepal 2

Save the Children staff receive supplies in Kathmandu for distribution to people affected by the earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25. Save the Children photo.

I love living in a community where there are so many amazing businesses that look to give back to the community or raise funds for those in need.  JoyRide Cycling Studio is no stranger to the charity ride game; for as long as I’ve known them they’ve been hosting rides for local, regional, national and international causes.

This Friday, June 12 at 7pm, JoyRide will host a ride for Save the Children’s fundraising efforts to help the people of Nepal, who are recovering from the devastating earthquake on April 25 and subsequent aftershock on May 12.

Joyride logoScheduled for June 12 in JoyRide’s Westport studio at 1200 Post Road East (behind Crate and Barrel), the one-hour fundraising ride will be led by JoyRide instructor Selina Santos.  The ride itself is free, and there is a minimum $40 donation per rider. To register and reserve a bike, or to make a donation to Save the Children, please visit the event web site here.

Save the Children and the international aid community are working around the clock in Nepal’s mountainous central region. These earthquakes caused more than 8,600 deaths and injured 20,000 people. Nearly 750,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, affecting 3.7 million people, including 1.5 million children. More than 900 small health facilities and thousands of schools were also affected and remain closed. Across the affected region, thousands of families, who are fearful of the many earthquakes and landslides, are living in open fields, along roads and at damaged public facilities without access to food, clean water or other essentials.

This fundraising ride is open to all JoyRiders and members of the community (all levels – no experience necessary). JoyRide’s doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and the one-hour ride will begin at 7 p.m.


Laxmi with her daughter Saniya, 5, at a tented settlement in Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal. Save the Children is providing displaced families essential items with infant kits, which include warm clothes, hats and blankets as well as essential hygiene kits. Save the Children photo.

Need to Know: DownUnder’s Paddle Fit Class, Westport & Rowayton

If you are a Fit CT reader, chances are you live in Fairfield County and you’d agree with me that, in most seasons, we live in one of the most beautiful areas.  The long awaited unofficial start to summer is here and with that we have the desire to spend as much time outside and near or on the water as we possibly can.  Let me tell you, there is no better way to multi-task being close to nature and working out than taking DownUnder’s Paddle Fit class.

paddle fit 3

The owner, staff and experienced students pre Paddle Fit class.

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‘Revelution’ Fitness

Big, epic, exciting things are happening in boutique fitness in Fairfield County.  This time it isn’t a new gym on the scene but rather a merger of two existing, highly reputable gyms:  Julie Migliaccio’s Evolution Fitness is partnering with Jay Ross’s Cross Fit Revel to become the appropriately named, ‘Revelution‘.

Julie Migliaccio & Jay

Julie Migliaccio & Jay Ross

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A Running Obsession…

I am very often asked what my favorite workout is.  I have many but there is one that has held the top rank for the last 18 years.  Running.  I didn’t grow up running – to be honest in high school I couldn’t run 400m without having an ambulance arrive at the scene, but when I moved to NYC in 1997 I caught the running bug.  I joined NYRR while living on the UES and found that with drive and determination I could do it.   I never knew that what started out as a 5k in Central Park in 1998 would define the next 20+ years (and hopefully more!) of my life.



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Need to Know: Child Advocates of Connecticut fundraiser at SoulCycle

Mark your calendars:  On May 30th SoulCycle of Westport is opening their doors for Child Advocates of Connecticut ( CAC) for a Charity Ride to raise funds for abused and neglected children throughout Fairfield County.

Please join me and support CAC for a full body spin class (no cycling experience required!) and learn more about the impact CAC has in the lives of our children.

Entry includes: 45 minute class, rental of cycling shoes, water, snacks and a goodie bag.  Stay for the refreshments after class. Reserve your bike today!

child advocates soulcycle

Need to Know: Sweat 4 Pink

We all like to workout and give back to our community, so why not kill two birds with one stone?  For one day in May (or up to 12!), consider taking your workout to one of the below studios who are donating their time and expertise to raise money for Westport’s own Pink Aid (a non-profit that provides local women in need with funds for breast cancer support services).  Take a class at one of your favorites or use this as an excuse to try something new.  Remember to wear pink!

pink aid

Need to Know: My Wardrobe Style, Fairfield County


We certainly don’t want to jinx it, but the never ending winter of 2015 just may have come to an end.  It just may be time to put away the snow pants and boots and think about a lighter spring and summer wardrobe.  I appreciate that not everyone fits into this category, but to some (me!), this may put you into a state of panic.  I look into my closet and think “I have nothing to wear”, all of my clothes are navy or varying degrees of blue, some with white stripes.  I have too many t-shirts, not enough ‘non-workout’ clothes.  I have items from the sidewalk sale of 2013 purchased in a state of frenzy that still have tags hanging on them.  I’m not sure what fits or looks good.

After decades of getting it all wrong, I learned last fall that this doesn’t have to be…

Enter my sweet and always put together friend Tara Roseme.  We met when she moved to Westport last summer and it was hard to ignore that she is always perfectly dressed.  Even while heading to a workout she looks completely polished.  Take one look at her any time of day and you’ll know she’s the right woman to help you out.  If that doesn’t convince you, check out her resume here.

Leather Trousers and Flip-Flops

Tara established My Wardrobe Style so she could help women with all different budgets and lifestyles look and feel their best in their clothes.  She works with stay at home moms, moms transitioning back into the work force, the total career woman and more mature women who are trying to find what works for their lifestyle and figure.


Tara’s philosophy is that creating a fresh, new look doesn’t always have to be costly.  With her help and guidance, you can add in new key pieces to an already existing wardrobe or develop a wardrobe foundation with quality classic pieces while adding in some trendier items.  She helps her customers think ahead to the upcoming season and makes a plan on what you need to add in so you don’t impulse buy and buy the wrong pieces out of stress!

Her list of ‘common mistakes’ pretty much define me: buying clothing that doesn’t complement your shape, impulse shopping, shopping on-line all the time and buying too much of the same thing.

Contact Tara and she will start in your closet to assess what’s there and what needs to be edited or donated.  She will also show you new ways to wear what you have.  She can mix and match current pieces and add in basics that are missing or classic quality pieces that will give you a wardrobe foundation.   For me, she has reinvented pieces that I was about to give away, she has spied that perfect dress at the store that I would’ve passed up and was quick to identify what was missing in my wardrobe and emailed me with ideas.  She followed up with a shopping trip and watched me try on items.  She was honest about what worked for me and what didn’t.  Tara can even bring items to you at home for you to try and thus save you incredible amounts of time.  This woman is a hidden gem and I am hereby sharing her with you.  You’re welcome.

As a little gift to FitCT readers, Tara is sharing some of her favorite things for this upcoming season (all items are from Mitchell’s).

tara photoFor more information or to schedule a consultation you can email Tara at or contact her through her website: